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Vintage "Captain Kidd" Scrimshaw Whale Tooth

Vintage "Captain Kidd" Scrimshaw Whale Tooth


A portrait of Captain Kidd with a background featuring a large ship on the ocean all bordered by a rope is depicted on this whale tooth. It also features a banner that reads "Captain Kidd". 


The artist's name "Gary Dorning" as well as "77" is sketched at the base of Captian Kidd's neck. 


Scrimshaw originated in the late 18th or early 19th century as the art of carving whale bone, ivory, and teeth abord whaling ships. The crew would use their leisure time between sightings and chasing whales to create these gifts for their loved ones. They often featured ships and whaling scenes as they were important images to the sailors. 

  • Frame Dimensions:

    9 5/8" wide x 7.5" tall 2 5/8" deep

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