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Rare Pence De Balangandan Amulet with 8 Charms

Rare Pence De Balangandan Amulet with 8 Charms


In Portuguese, it is called a penca, or bouquet, while the name balangandan is an onomatopoetic word meant to recall the sound made by the object's dangling metal baubles. This beautiful Penca de Balangandan is in excellent condition.

Featuring 8 charms:

Charm Fob: 115 grams - 4.3" wide x 3.3" long
Figa: 121.4 grams - 6.2" long x 1.4" wide
Corn: 81.2 grams - 6.5" long x 1.8" wide
Dipper: 68.7 grams 2.6" wide x 4.5" wide
Pomegranate 68.4 grams - 3.8" long x 2.6" wide
Orange: 62.9 grams - 4.3" long x 2.6" wide

Grapes: 35 grams - 3" long x 2" wide

Fish: 38.9 grams - 5.4" long x 3.1" wide

Melon: 54 grams - 4.4" long x 2.2" wide


The charms of the balangandan frequently depicted plants or fruits such as the pomegranate, symbolizing wealth or fertility.  One common motif was that of the gourd vessel or dipper, which a number of African cultures used as a symbol for the female womb.  Another was that of a hand posed in what is known as the 'fig' gesture, or figas, with the thumb protruding from between the curled index and middle fingers.  Originally a Mediterranean symbol used to impart fertility and ward off evil spirits, the figas is still a very popular symbol in Brazil today.  The fastener on which the charms were strung was representative of the ships that brought the slaves to the New World, the birds that sat on either side symbolizing the continents of Africa and the Americas.

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