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Rare Antique 1908 Pepsi-Cola Tip Tray - Framed

Rare Antique 1908 Pepsi-Cola Tip Tray - Framed


1908 Tip Tray -Extremely Rare


Displays the PEPSI=COLA logo which also reads "DRINK" and "DELICIOUS-HEALTHFUL" as well as the 5¢ price in the bottom loop of the C.

"REFRESHES -------- INVIGORATES" inscripted below the logo. 

"CHAS. W. SHONK CO. LITHO. CHICAGO. NO. C. 602" inscripted on the bottom in the pale yellow border. 


Tip trays are also known as change trays. When a soda fountain patron was presented with a bill, it came on one of these trays. When the bill was paid, the change was placed on these trays. 

  • Frame Dimensions:

    13 1/4" wide x 9 3/16" tall x 1 1/4" deep

  • Tray Dimensions (Approximate):

    6" height x 4 1/4" wide 

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