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Antique 18K Gold Lorgnette (Hand-held Spectacles)

Antique 18K Gold Lorgnette (Hand-held Spectacles)

$2,500.00 Regular Price
$1,875.00Sale Price

This antique Art Nouveau style 18K yellow gold lorgnette (hand-held spectacles) features two hinged and round shaped lense frames, and decorative 3.75 inch long handle. The handle is accented with platinum, eight bezel set rubies, and fifty bead set rose cut diamonds. 


NOTE:  There is one glass lense missing on the lorgnette. The handle is also missing a platinum floral section and broken at another section. 


Ruby Melee Attributes:

Shape and Cut: Round faceted

Weight: 0.03 to 0.13 cts. each


Total Weight: 0.62 Cts. (approx)

Clarity: Type II, Slightly included

Color: Medium to medium-dark tone red

Cut: Good

Finish: Good 


Diamond Melee Attributes: 

Shape and Cut: Rose cut

Weight: 0.003 to 0.02 cts. each 

Number:  50

Total Weight:  0.55 cts. (approx) 

Clarity grade: I-1 to I-3

Color grade: K-L

Cut: Fair to Poor

Finish: Fair to Poor


Item Attributes: 

Weight: 19.3 dwt

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold and Platinum

Setting: Bezel set and Bead set

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