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1969 "Apollo 11" USS Hornet CVS-12 Envelope and Letter

1969 "Apollo 11" USS Hornet CVS-12 Envelope and Letter


Apollo 11 Envelope

Stamped USS Hornet CVS-12 July 24th 1969


Addressed to: 

Kathy Miller 

C/O Army Rec. Seav.

10E 4th 

Reno, Nevada 89501



John Nelson AN

B614398 V-1 Div. 

USS Hornet CVS-12

F.P.O. San Fran., Calif. 96601




Put These envelopes some place where they won't get lost, stolen or torn. They will be worth a lot of money someday. I don't have any more to say for now cause I hope to get them in the mail. I love you very much honey. I will see ya in a few weeks. I LOVE YOU!!!


6000 of these cachets were produced with each Hornet crewman receiving two, while the three astronauts, President Nixon, and Admiral John McCain each received twenty-five. These cachets are known to have been postmarked with the hand cancel and both types of Hornet machine cancels.

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